List of Events:

Event Level PVP Time Goal Reward Skill Book Talisman
Victoria 100 No [DAILY – NOT ON THURSDAY]
08:00 / 20:00
You must kill the monsters to spawn Victoria SuperPowerTicket – Weapon Super Power 1/50
TreasureBox All No [DAILY]
06:30 / 18:30
08:30 / 20:30
11:30 / 23:30
Find Golden Treasure Box and get Treasure Points Exchange Treasure Points to FPs
Defend Hebrith Boss 50+ Yes Free to join Requires: at least 4 players to win the event!

Defend Hebrith Boss from all the attacking monsters. Don’t let him die!!!

Not set yet
Birds Road 80 Yes [DAILY]
09:00 / 21:00
You must kill the birds to spawn the Bird Boss. Random Garment

Stone +6 (x2)