Welcome to HebrithCo - Age of Stages

HebrithCo is a custom Conquer Online Private Server with many different features! Something you've never seen.. From now on everything you should think about when playing is Stages! Stages are the maps where you will level up and find items, Trader is the npc which you will use a lot since he will trade your items for Mets/DBs.. That's not everything! Prepare to see a nice looking costumized client plus costume Events that you will see nowhere else. Are you ready to have fun? Go ahead and Sign up!


Welcome to HebrithWiki here you can find all the information about our server and learn to play the game without making one mistake!

HebrithCo v3 is the new version of the HebrithCo Private Server series which came to replace the first 2 versions with better features and much more fun!

The full Features List :

  • 25 Stages for all levels
  • Auto Skill System (Skills are given automatically while leveling)
  • New Ranking System (No more nobility ranking and ranking is based on levels)
  • No Reborn
  • No Promotions
  • New Currencies – HebrithPoints (HPs) , Pm(Pmoney)
  • No more hunting with archers (Random Items are earned by the end of each stage thus saving a lot of time)
  • New players friendly (PK Disabled in Main Map , Tree Map , Stages )
  • New exclusive events
  • Costume Client Design

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