Welcome to HebrithWiki

HebrithCo v3 is the new version of the HebrithCo Private Server series which came to replace the first 2 versions with better features and much more fun!

The full Features List :

  • 25+ Stages for all levels
  • New exclusive events (TreasureBox, Victoria, BirdsRoad, DefendHebrithBoss and more)
  • Auto Skill System (Skills are given automatically while leveling)
  • New Ranking System (No more nobility ranking and ranking is based on levels)
  • No Reborn
  • No Promotions
  • HebrithPoints (HPs instead of CPs) , FarmingPoints(FPs), DonationPoints(DPs)
  • Random Items are earned by the end of each stage thus saving a lot of time!
  • New players friendly (PK Disabled in Main Map , Tree Map , Stages )
  • Costume Client Design

We hope to see you!

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