Welcome to HebrithCo - Age of Stages

HebrithCo is a custom Conquer Online Private Server with many different features! Something you've never seen.. From now on everything you should think about when playing is Stages! Stages are the maps where you will level up and find items, Trader is the npc which you will use a lot since he will trade your items for Mets/DBs.. That's not everything! Prepare to see a nice looking costumized client plus costume Events that you will see nowhere else. Are you ready to have fun? Go ahead and Sign up!

New Ranking System

That’s right! No more Nobility! No more Kings! No more Dukes! It’s now modern….

List of Ranks :

  • General
  • Colonel
  • Captain
  • Chief W.O
  • Corporal
  • Adjutant

What’s more?

No more paying for ranking!

The Ranking resets daily which means there are two things that can affect your rank :

  1. If you log in, you will be ranked however if you don’t log in you will not be ranked.
  2. Your level affects your rank, the higher your level the higher your rank.
  3. The sooner you log in after the reset the higher your rank is which means if you are level 130 and you logged in first, right after the reset you will earn the highest rank and the other players who have the same level will be ranked after you. 

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