Welcome to HebrithCo - Age of Stages

HebrithCo is a custom Conquer Online Private Server with many different features! Something you've never seen.. From now on everything you should think about when playing is Stages! Stages are the maps where you will level up and find items, Trader is the npc which you will use a lot since he will trade your items for Mets/DBs.. That's not everything! Prepare to see a nice looking costumized client plus costume Events that you will see nowhere else. Are you ready to have fun? Go ahead and Sign up!

How to hunt?

How do we hunt? Simple!

  1. Enter a stage room (Random or with friends)
  2. Kill all the monsters that appear.
  3. Kill the boss!
  4. Earn random items.


What to do with the Random items?

  1. Talk to “Trader” in the TreeMap.
  2. Check the rate of the items you have in the inventory.

    You can check the rate of your item before trading it by clicking here.
  3. Trade the items for DBs or Meteors.


Earn experience and level up while doing stages!

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